Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who is Chanakya?

2. What is Arthashastra?

3. How is Chanakya related to Business, Leadership and Management?

Chanakya lived in 4th century BC, in India. Born to a teacher, Rishi Chanak, Chanakya also known as Kautilya & Vishnugupta, grew to become a teacher and then an economist, political thinker, warfare expert, minister & master strategist. He is the author of the ancient Indian Political Treatise called ?Arthashastra?, containing 6000 sutras, which has guided rulers for centuries, to govern a kingdom based on sound economic and spiritual principles. The Arthashastra continues to be of relevance in contemporary times, in business and life.

4. Who is Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai?

Corporate Chanakya ? Audio Books:

1. What is an Audiobook?

An audio book is a voice recording of written material. An audio book is often referred to as a book on tape or a book with a voice. It is an option to listen to a book when you are on the go, travelling, jogging or doing any other activity. It is also beneficial to those who don?t like reading, have eye problems or are just too busy to sit & read.

2. What are the Corporate Chanakya Audio Books about?

The Audio book series is on Leadership, Management and Training. The series comprises of the author simplifying the age-old formula of success for leaders of the corporate world through ?Successful Management the Chanakya Way?

3. What are the various topics covered in the Audiobooks?

Some of the topics covered in the audiobooks are as given below:
Part 1 ? Leadership: It has 70 chapters which talk about? Power, Qualities of Leader, Competition, People & What a leader should not do.

Part 2 ? Management: It has 70 chapters which focus on? Managing Employees, Finance, Team Work and Strategy

Part 3 ? Training: It has 35 chapters which talk about? Employee Training, Training to Higher Authorities, Organization & Advice

4. Who can use these Audio Books?

These audio books can be primarily used by corporate leaders, managers, business men, students and anyone who wishes to enrich oneself with this guide to corporate success. These audio books bring back ancient Indian management wisdom in a modern format; narrated in a distinct voice by veteran actor Tom Alter. It is based on Chanakya?s tried and tested strategies for a successful management. The files can also be copied on an mp3 supported music player and heard while doing any activity.

5. When should I listen to these Audio Books?

This audio book series would help you learn business strategies the chanakya way, even on your morning jog, drive to work or when you just want to relax with your eyes closed but ears open. It can be used as ready reference in case of a management dilemma or to get a management tip or simply to improve you.

6. How would listening to these audio books benefit me?

These audio books will help you professionally by helping you solve a management dilemma and also personally by making you more proficient and enriching your knowledge base.

Chanakya Speaks: The Film

1. What is Chanakya Speaks ? The seven Pillars for Business Success?

Chanakya Speaks is the world?s first business management film based on Chanakya?s teachings inspired from the bestselling book ?Corporate Chanakya?. You can find the synopsis on the below link:

2. Why was the film made as an educational and entertaining film?

The film was made as an educational and entertaining film to simplify the teachings of Chanakya from the Arthashastra, and make them relevant for today?s aspiring leaders in business and life. The storyline makes it an interesting & captivating watch thus enhancing the learning. It brings in fun, that way the learning lasts longer in our minds.

3. What is Chanakya?s Seven Pillars Construct?

A strong foundation is the key to any successful business. Your vision, your commitment, your purpose - all form the basis for an organisation. Chanakya in his book, The Arthashastra lists seven pillars for an organisation. "The king, the minister, the country, the fortified city, the treasury, the army and the ally are the constituent elements of the state" (6.1.1) Chanakya?s Seven Pillars Construct reads as: 1. THE KING (The leader)
2. THE MINISTER (The manager)
3. THE COUNTRY (Your market)
4. THE FORTIFID CITY (Head office)
6. THE ARMY (Your team)
7. THE ALLY (friend / consultant)

4. How is Chanakya?s Seven Pillars Construct relevant in today?s times?

Chanakya?s seven pillars construct that was written such a long time ago comprises the key elements in any business or management. They were relevant then for the kings to run a successful kingdom, now for any business or corporate and will be in the future as the foundation of business doesn?t change the dynamics do.

5. Who are these Seven Pillars in the film?

The Seven Pillars in the film are industry stalwarts like: Narayan Murthy (Infosys) : Leadership
Santrupt Misra (Aditya Birla Group) : Management
Vinita Bali (Britannia) : Marketing
Subroto Bagchi (MindTree) : Infrastructure
Raamdeo Agrawal ( Motilal Oswal) : Finance
D. Sivanandhan (Dir General of Police) : Team Building
Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai (PHD Arthashastra) : Friendship & Mentoring

6. Why are these stalwarts chosen to be the Seven Pillars?

These stalwarts are chosen to be the Seven Pillars as they personify their respective pillars in real life. They have achieved success in their business, career and life by knowingly or unknowingly applying Chanakya?s teachings. These stalwarts bring in the contemporary context to the ancient 7 pillars framework, thus making it adaptable & implementable in today?s time.

7. Who is this film relevant and useful for?

This film is relevant and useful for Decision Makers, Leaders & Managers in companies including SME?s, Start Ups, Entrepreneurs, Management Institutes, Colleges, Libraries, Trainers and Training Institutes.

8. How will these Seven Pillars and the learning?s from this film help/benefit an individual, an organization, an educational institution?

Individual : The film allows individuals to look at things differently and enriches you with Chanakya?s teachings by applying it in your professional and personal life to achieve success.

Organisation : The film acts as a case study as it provides insights by industry stalwarts who have applied Chanakya?s teachings to take their organisation to the next level.

Educational Institution : The film empowers the young generation to equip themselves with Chanakya?s learning and insights by the stalwarts and prepares them to be future leaders/ managers.

9. What is the duration of this film?

The duration of the film is 90mins long.

10. In what languages is this film available?

This film is available in two languages; English and Hindi.

11. Can I screen this film for my team/ organization/college?

Yes, you can.
To screen the film multiple times you can purchase the special screening edition from us



You can also REGISTER with us for a one time screening in your organisation/ college at a nominal cost.

12. Where is this film available for purchase?

You can purchase the film from our website:


Alternatively; you can also purchase it from any of the stores given in the below link:

Chanakya In You:

1. What is Chanakya In You?

Chanakya In You is an exclusive tool-kit for applying Chanakya?s Seven Pillars Construct in your business, career & life. The kit unveils a detailed study of ?Chanakya?s seven pillars construct? which comprises Leadership, Management, Marketing, Infrastructure, Finance, Team handling and Mentoring. According to Chanakya an indepth study of these 7 pillars, lays a strong foundation to run a successful kingdom in his days, and in contemporary times to run a successful business.

2. What is the vision and mission behind Chanakya in You?

Vision: To reintroduce to the world, ?The Forgotten? i.e. ?Chanakya?s Seven Pillar?s Construct? in depth with the contemporary context & relevance thus spreading Indian management practices to billions. Mission: To reach out to all institutes, companies and individuals at large and encourage them to implement the ancient Indian way of management through the use of this kit.

3. What does Chanakya In You comprise?

Chanakya In You comprises: 7 DVDs on 7 pillars (Leadership, Management, Marketing, Infrastructure, Finance, Teamwork, Friendship & Mentoring) 1 Film : Chanakya Speaks 1 Manual : Chanakya In You Bonus Content: 3 Audio Books : Corporate Chanakya (Leadership, Management and Training) 1 Book : Corporate Chanakya

4.Why and how is Chanakya In You useful?

Chanakya In You helps you gain ancient knowledge, be more proficient and provides practical insights from todays business leaders in the light of the construct and how this construct can be implemented in your business of success. This kit unveils a successful structure taught by Chanakya years ago. Hence the tool kit will train you to build a successful organization that manifests fortitude & cohesion. It also inspires and moulds good performers to be future leaders. It is a bible on Indian management and strategy practices

5. What is the duration of Chanakya In You?

Chanakya In You has 17 hours of audio visual learning and 135 questions to foster development of self and business and 10 hours of audio listening as bonus content.

6.How to use Chanakya In You?

There are 7 steps to a successful use of Chanakya In You, they are:
? Watch the film Chanakya Speaks
? Watch one DVD on each pillar
? Answer questions in the manual on that pillar
? Ask your mentor/ friends for comments & suggestions
? Analyse the answers & comments
? Create an action plan & implement
? Review your progress with your mentor/friends and re-implement The details on the usage are mentioned on page 4 & 5 of the manual.

7. How will Chanakya In You help me discover myself?

Successful use of Chanakya In You enables you to introspect, learn, unlearn and transform yourself to a better you by analyzing your answers and reviewing your progress with your mentor/ friend. It also encourage you to ?think? which is the base or foundation of Chanakya?s Arthashastra.

8. Who all will benefit from Chanakya in You?

Chanakya In You would add value to Decision Makers, Leaders & Managers in companies including SME?s, Start Ups, Entrepreneurs, Management Institutes, Colleges, Libraries, Trainers and Training Institutes

9. How do you order extra copies of the manual?

To order extra copies of the manual, just send us a mail on

10. Why is Chanakya in You priced at 11000/-?

It is a small investment for a lifetime of priceless knowledge on the Chanakya?s Seven Pillars Construct as a contribution to acknowledging & spreading ancient Indian wisdom to the world who much needs it.

11. What if I do not have a Mentor?

A mentor can be your friends, guide, manager, guru. A person who is superior to you in terms of your knowledge, experience and age. In case you do not have a mentor, you can send your answers to us on ; we will arrange for a mentor to review your answers and provide you with the feedback

12. I have already purchased the book/ audio books Corporate Chanakya and/or the film Chanakya Speaks, why should I purchase the kit?

The main elements of the tool-kit are the 7 DVDs, the manual and the film. The book and audio book Corporate Chanakya is a part of the bonus material. In case you have already purchased either/all of them. We can deduct the price of that product from the MRP of Chanakya In You.


1. What is the price of Corporate Chanakya ? Audio Books?

The price of Corporate Chanakya ? Audio Books is 200 each (inclusive of all taxes)

2. What is the price of Corporate Chanakya ? Audio Book pack?

The price of Corporate Chanakya ? Audio Book pack is 600(inclusive of all taxes)

3. What is the price of Chanakya Speaks ? the film?

The price of Chanakya Speaks ? the film is 499(inclusive of all taxes)

4. What is the price of Chanakya In You ? Exclusive Tool Kit?

The price of Chanakya In You ? Exclusive Tool Kit is 11000(inclusive of all taxes)

5. Where can I buy Chanakya In You from?

You can purchase Chanakya In You from our website:


6. Are there any shipping fees?

No, there are no additional shipping fees

7. Are there any discounts available for bulk orders?

Yes, we do offer discounts for bulk orders. To enquire/ know more details please mail us at


1. What if my DVD is damaged when I receive it?

In case your DVD is damaged, send us a mail at along with your address and send the DVD back to our ?Online Team? on the below mentioned address. We will replace it for you, free of cost. Address : Shemaroo Annexe, Plot No 16, Marol Co-op. Industrial Estate, Saug Baug, Marol Naka, Off. Andheri-Kurla Road Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 059.

2. What should I do if my DVD doesn?t play?

In case if your DVD doesn?t play kindly send us a mail at, we will call you and provide you with a solution over phone, if not; we will replace the DVD for you.


1. Can I make copies of the DVD I have purchased?

The DVD?s are copy protected; hence you cannot make copies of the DVD.

2. Can I put this content onto the intranet at work?

In case you want to put the content onto the intranet, you will need to purchase the special screening edition of the DVD from us. After your purchase, we will share with you a digital copy of the content which can be uploaded on to the intranet.