The story revolves around the quest of a young business executive trying to rediscover Chanakya's Teachings. Mentored by his quirky “boss”, he discovers Chanakya's Seven Pillars Construct (Model) and sets upon a journey to apply the learnings, for the growth of his organization and betterment of his own life. In this interesting journey he makes opportunity to meet face to face with some of India’s most successful leaders in business and otherwise: Mr. Narayana Murthy; Dr. Santrupt Misra; Vinita Bali; Subroto Bagchi; Raamdeo Agrawal; D. Sivanandhan. He realises, that Chanakyas teachings are still very relevant and pertinent in the current business context both in letter and spirit, helping him to set a new direction for himself and for his company.

A few months ago, when Madhuri of Shemaroo Entertainment approached me about making a film on Chanakya on management, it seemed not just interesting but also daunting.

Couple of things which are important when you are thinking through a film of this nature, is that a viewer must be able to pick at least one or two things that he or she can implement in his or her life, and in the work he or she is engaged in. The other critical element was that the film needed to be engaging; it needed to be simple without being simplistic.

This was when the story telling dimension came about. An interesting blend of fiction with fact .We thought of two characters, and we wanted to blend their story with real life people who have attained success in their businesses and careers and knowingly or unknowingly have practiced some of chanakya’s teachings in the contemporary context.

Maybe a lot of things in the film are obvious, been there in the realm of public domain for a long time. But perhaps these things have shifted to the back of our minds. The effort was to bring things from the back of the mind to the front or atleast the middle of the mind, so that you could practice what you see and what you hear.

This film is worth a watch again and again. And trust me, every time you watch it, you get a different take on a dimension of life. If at all you have learnt anything from this film, please ensure that you are able to use it immediately. Don’t postpone the learning deployment to another day, that day perhaps will never come. If you’ve learnt something, start doing it today.

It’s been both a pleasure conceiving and directing this film.

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To give back to the world, our long lost Indian culture, heritage and knowledge was the core belief which helped ‘Chanakya Speaks (the film) take birth. The concept of understanding Chanakya’s Teachings in the contemporary context for running a successful business, got us excited to work on this project with 100% passion in partnership with Chanakya Expert Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai and Corporate Film Maker Vasudevan Srinivasan.

Passion, Faith, Belief in the project and the people behind it helped us get this film to see the light of the day. This film is a tribute to Chanakya’s Teachings, To India, and to all our aspiring successful businessmen, managers, marketers and financers.

This is the world’s first business management film based on chanakya’s teachings!! And we sincerely wish every individual on this planet watches this film and gains success, health, wealth and happiness in his life!

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